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What is Roof Reboot?

Welcome to Roof Reboot. The next generation in asphalt shingle reconditioning. With our proprietary treatment system, Roof Reboot can extend the operational life of your roof and save you thousands in the process.

Avoid the expense and hassle of roof replacement!

Roof Reboot will recondition your roof to perform as new. Why go through the hassle and expense of roof replacement when Roof Reboot can add 5-15 years of life to your existing roof? Our process is a fraction the cost of replacement and is backed by a 5 year transferable warranty.

What sets Roof Reboot apart?

A single application of Roof Reboot restores the performance of your roof to new. We don't make these claims lightly and back up our claims with extensive lab and field testing.
Roof Reboot is the only asphalt shingle reconditioning process that is 98% USDA Bio Preferred. Meaning Roof Reboot is plant, animal and most importantly, family safe.
Roof Reboot addresses the causes of shingle failure by increasing shingle pliability, improving impact resistance and stopping granule loss.
Roof Reboot saves homeowners money. Extending the life of your roof is significantly more cost effective than roof replacement. In fact, a large portion of roof replacements can be avoided with one simple application of Roof Reboot. Saving homeowners thousands.
Roof Reboot is green. By eliminating unnecessary roof replacements, we are eliminating countless tons of waste in local landfills. Not to mention the reduction in manufacturing waste.
Roof Reboot improves curb appeal. Not only does Roof Reboot restore your shingles, it enhances their color as well. Improving curb appeal and resale value.

Join the Roof Reboot Revolution!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Roof Reboot restores the chemicals that shingles leach out over time due to the harsh conditions roofs are regularly subject to. By replacing these chemicals with our proprietary bio-oil, shingles are restored to like-new condition and perform as such. But that’s not all; Roof Reboot also seals the shingle and improves granule retention dramatically. Granule loss is what causes shingles to thin over time. Roof Reboot improves granule retention by over 1200%. That is not a typo!   

Roof Reboot reconditions and restores the performance of asphalt shingles by addressing key failure points. These include flexibility, impact resistance, and granule retention. All three of these wane over time and are critical indicators of a roof’s ability to continue to function.

Roof Reboot can extend the life of your roof up to 15 years and sometimes beyond. A single application lasts 5 years and can be applied at 5 year intervals to continually extend the life of the roof.

Roof Reboot has been thoroughly tested in both the lab and the field. Lab tests are with an independent lab using the rigorous and repeatable ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) methods that certify that Roof Reboot:

  • improves shingle pliability and flexibility
  • improves shingle impact resistance
  • increases granule retention
  • increases UV resistance
The result is a shingle that performs as well and, in some cases, better than when the roof was new.

Roof Reboot should be used when the roof starts to show signs of drying out and losing flexibility and/or when the roof is showing streaks. In harsh environments, such as the Mid South, where Roof Reboot was developed, this can be as soon as 5-7 years on a new roof.

As a preventative, Roof Reboot can even be applied to newer roofs to protect them from the start. Like any surface exposed to the elements, roofs are wear items that benefit dramatically from the protection Roof Reboot offers.

We take our commitment to covering your shingles seriously and stand by our 5-year limited warranty. When you get your shingles treated with Roof Reboot, you will extend the life of your roof. We offer a 5-year warranty and, unlike the warranty from the shingle manufacturers, will include labor and materials. Our warranty is transferable and remains valid even when your manufacturer’s warranty is (or becomes) void due to time or transfer restrictions.

The warranty does not cover other roof issues, including shingle loss, leaks, and damage not related to shingle restoration.

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